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Justin Trudeau Master of Disguise Tshirt


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently declared martial law, invoking the country’s Emergencies Act for the first time in history to seize authoritarian powers for himself and enforce a Covid-19 vaccine mandate on working class Canadians.  What’s the grave threat to Democracy and World Order, you ask?  Ironically, Trudeau’s undemocratic crackdown is against a group of freedom-loving Canadian truckers who simply dared to speak out against Government oppression.

We’d love to have the Prime Minister on our show to ask him about it, but he’s busy hiding from his own constituents.  If you see him–often in one of the disguises featured on our new shirt–tell him we want to hear from him!  And now we present: Justin Trudeau, Master of Disguise.




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Justin Trudeau is Using Power to crush All Political Opposition


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