The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Dennis Quaid The Tucker Carlson Encounter

Encounter Published Jan 12, 202444 mins

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At some point America’s power grid will fail. What happens then? Dennis Quaid on a risk the government seems to be ignoring.

Timestamp Headline


Grid Down, Power Up


His Favorite Movie


Dennis Quaid Sings a Song


Election Worries


The Tristan Tate Interview

Tristan Tate talks to Tucker during his time under house arrest in Romania.

The Viktor Orban Interview

Hungary shares a border with Ukraine. We traveled to Budapest to speak with the country's prime minister, Viktor Orbán.

Uncensored: Prison for Peter Navarro
Team Tucker

When your name is Hunter Biden, showing contempt for Congress is rewarded with millions of dollars from Dem megadonors. If you’re a former member of the Trump administration, you get prison.


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