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The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Congressman Ron Paul The Tucker Carlson Encounter

Encounter Published Mar 19, 202451 mins

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For a man who correctly predicted most of the big disasters of the last twenty years, Ron Paul is remarkably humble.

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Ron Paul On The War In Ukraine


World War Three On Our Doorstep


Attacked For Views On Foreign Policy


Having Fun In Life


Liberating Canada: The Jordan Peterson Discussion in Calgary
Team Tucker

Tucker and Jordan Peterson on stage in Calgary, Canada. Also: Tucker's discussion with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.

Uncensored: The TikTok Ban

The people who've handed our country to China are banning TikTok to protect you from China? Probably not. So what’s really going on? Rand Paul joins us to explain.

The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Dave Portnoy

Dave Portnoy founded Barstool Sports and in 2023 completed the most impressive business transaction of our lifetime. He also got into an epic fight during a pizza review and shared the video with us first. Watch.


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