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We travel the globe, taking you to some of the most important voices and world leaders. The corporate media often ignores these stories. Tucker connects the dots at home and abroad, shining a spotlight on what matters most but no one else is reporting.

The Tucker Carlson Interview: Pavel Durov

The social media app Telegram has over 900 million users around the world. Its founder Pavel Durov sat down with us at his offices in Dubai for his first on-camera interview in almost a decade.

The Chris Cuomo Interview

Tucker sits down with his former cable news foe for an unusually interesting conversation.

The Vladimir Putin Interview

Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024.

We're in Moscow to Interview Vladimir Putin

Here's why we're doing it.

The Mark Epstein Interview

Mark Epstein, brother of Jeffrey Epstein, talks to Tucker regarding his brother's mysterious death.

The Christmas Eve Interview

A Christmas Eve election surprise...

The Dana White Interview

Backstage at Madison Square Garden in New York City with UFC CEO Dana White.

The Spain Interview

Spain’s descent into tyranny seems eerily familiar. Opposition leader Santiago Abascal is one of the few people standing up to it. We traveled to Madrid to talk to him.

The Douglass Mackey Interview

The First Amendment is done. Douglass Mackey is about to go to prison for mocking Hillary Clinton on the internet. We talked to him right before his sentencing. Remember as you watch that this could be you.

The Bill O'Reilly Interview

"F-k it! We'll do it live!"

The Javier Milei Interview

Who is Javier Milei? We traveled to Buenos Aires to speak with him when he was about to become Argentina’s next president.

The Viktor Orban Interview

Hungary shares a border with Ukraine. We traveled to Budapest to speak with the country's prime minister, Viktor Orbán.

The Donald Trump Interview

Debate Night in Bedminster.

The Tristan Tate Interview

Tristan Tate talks to Tucker during his time under house arrest in Romania.

The Devon Archer Interview

Tucker talks to Hunter Biden's former business associate.

The Ice Cube Interview

Ice Cube X Tucker: the studio interview

The Andrew Tate Interview

Tucker traveled to Romania to interview Andrew Tate during his house arrest.


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