Tucker Carlson Shorts


Multiple Monthly Episodes

Tucker and his team are back investigating ORIGINAL stories. We’re sending our cameras and team out to bring you new and compelling short documentaries that you can trust.

TC Shorts: The Moscow Subway Station

You can learn a lot about a society through its infrastructure. Here's the Kiyevskaya metro station in Moscow, Russia.

TC Shorts: The Moscow Grocery Store
Team Tucker

We've been told sanctions on Russia have had a devastating effect on its economy. We visited a grocery store in Moscow and found a very different situation.

TC Shorts: Russia's Version of McDonald's
Team Tucker

The Golden Arches are gone but the restaurant remains. This time it’s Russian.

TC Shorts: The Invasion
Team Tucker

Tucker and his team investigate how America's cities have been destroyed by the immigration crisis.

TC Shorts: Julian Assange
Team Tucker

Tucker visits Julian Assange at the infamous Belmarsh prison.

TC Shorts: Tucker in Argentina

Hyperinflation and reckless monetary policy could soon devastate the global economy. We traveled to Argentina, where it’s already happened.

TC Shorts: Stay In Your Lane

Our drive through South Central LA with Ice Cube.


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