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Uncensored: US Military vs Americans
Team Tucker

The US military exists to protect the country from enemies abroad. Why are we allowing it to be used against the American population?

Uncensored: Eithan Haim
Team Tucker

Eithan Haim is one of the rare American physicians who’s refused to accept the sexual mutilation of children in his hospital. Doctors, he says, believe “they can create a new type of human.”

Uncensored: What's Obama Up To?
Team Tucker

What's Barack Obama up to these days? Working to make people hate each other, as usual.

Uncensored: The Vaccine Interview
Team Tucker

How many people died from the COVID shot? Do vaccines actually cause autism? Steve Kirsch has looked at the data.

Uncensored: Fani, Letitia and the Never-Ending Legal Assault on Trump
Team Tucker

Actual election interference: Trump is facing nearly 100 criminal charges across the country from goons like Fani Willis and Letitia James. The goal is to bankrupt him, imprison him and keep him out of office.

Uncensored: The Julian Assange Extradition Hearing

As they lecture us endlessly about human rights in other countries, the Biden administration is trying to kill journalist Julian Assange for the crime of embarrassing the CIA. His wife Stella joins us from his extradition hearing.

Uncensored: Lydia Brimelow
Team Tucker

Mass immigration is completely destroying our country. Why is no one doing anything about it? Because they’re afraid of ending up like Lydia Brimelow.

Uncensored: The National Security State & the Inversion of Democracy

The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. "What I’m describing is military rule," says Mike Benz. "It’s the inversion of democracy."

Uncensored: $60 Billion for Ukraine

The Ukrainian government canceled elections and killed an American journalist. Congress is about send them another $60 billion. J.D. Vance is trying to stop it.

Uncensored: Prison for Peter Navarro
Team Tucker

When your name is Hunter Biden, showing contempt for Congress is rewarded with millions of dollars from Dem megadonors. If you’re a former member of the Trump administration, you get prison.

Uncensored: Three US Troops Killed & War with Iran

War with Iran? Yes. We’re already in it. Joe Kent did 11 combat tours in the U.S. Army. His wife Shannon was killed serving in Syria. Here’s his informed view of what that war will mean.

Uncensored: The Border Standoff
Team Tucker

A trucker convoy heads to Texas to try to protect our country from invasion. A conversation with one of the leaders of it, as well as with the Gov and AG of Texas on where the border standoff goes next.

Uncensored: Rand Paul
Team Tucker

Rand Paul is one of the few Republicans in the senate who understands the threat of Nikki Haley. He may be the only one who cares where COVID came from. “Anthony Fauci should be in jail,” he says.

Uncensored: The J6 Pipe Bombs
Team Tucker

It seems likely that government officials were involved in planting pipe bombs in Washington, DC three years ago, as part of an effort to keep Donald Trump from running for president again. Darren Beattie has details.

Uncensored: The Iowa Results

What the results in Iowa mean.

Uncensored: Florida Surgeon General's Warning on mRNA Vaccines
Team Tucker

Could foreign DNA enter your cells through the mRNA COVID vax and change your DNA — and humanity itself — forever? Sounds nutty. It's not. "Absolutely that could happen," says Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general of Florida. A shocking conversation.

Uncensored: The Farmer Protests
Team Tucker

The biggest protests in modern German history. What’s happening? Eva Vlaardingerbroek is there.

Uncensored: Senator JD Vance & The Ukraine Money Pit
Team Tucker

When US senators get together in private, do any of them ever admit that sending half a trillion dollars to Ukrainian oligarchs is a bad idea? As it turns out, no they don’t. JD Vance explains.

Uncensored: The J6 Timeline
Team Tucker

We don’t need to guess about what happened on January 6th. It was one of the most videotaped events in human history. A new documentary proves that most of what you’ve heard about that day is a lie.

Uncensored: The Dem Party Plan For Biden
Team Tucker

You thought Democrats were going to dump Biden for Gavin Newsom, but they're not. They're backing Nikki Haley instead.

Uncensored: The Fed, Biden and Economic Chaos
Team Tucker

Is the Fed lowering rates to get Joe Biden reelected, or is the truth actually much scarier than that? Jeffrey Gundlach explains.

Uncensored: The Derek Chauvin Stabbing
Team Tucker

Derek Chauvin is serving 21 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Someone just tried to murder him. If they'd do this to him, they'd do it to you.

Uncensored: The Anti-White Racism of "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion"
Team Tucker

The Biden administration is importing millions of third world immigrants to live here illegally, and at same time telling them that white people are the source of their problems. How’s that going to work out in the end? We asked Stephen Miller.

Uncensored: America's Debt Addiction
Team Tucker

People used to be suspicious of debt. Now the whole economy is based on it. Stephanie Pomboy knows that's about to come crashing down.

Uncensored: Trump Removed From The Colorado Ballot
Team Tucker

The actual end of democracy.

Uncensored: Man vs Satan Tribute
Team Tucker

Video Details Episode Details Liberal mobs have torn down countless statues of Christians in this country. But topple a monument to Satan, and CNN will denounce you as dangerous. Read The Transcript Tucker [00:00:00] Earlier this month, a shrine to Satan appeared in the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, surprising an awful lot of people. Local Christian churches explained there's nothing they could do about it. This was religious freedom on display. But one man from the

Uncensored: Peter Navarro
Team Tucker

Permanent Washington is determined to imprison not only Trump, but all those who worked closely with him. The latest is Peter Navarro, whose crime was openly defying Liz Cheney and the Jan 6 Committee.

Uncensored: Bryce Mitchell

Bryce Mitchell just got bumped up to the main card at tomorrow’s UFC fights. There’s a reason he’s a fan favorite.

Uncensored: The Racist Dinner Ladies
Team Tucker

$5,000 to be told over dinner that you're a nasty white person? Many liberals think that's a bargain. Jason Whitlock explains why.

Uncensored: Owen Shroyer
Team Tucker

The Biden administration accused journalist Owen Shroyer of spreading "disinformation" about the 2020 election and sent him to federal prison on a misdemeanor charge. He just got out.

Uncensored: Debate Over Aid to Israel
Team Tucker

"American payouts undermine Israel’s domestic defense industry, weaken its economy, and compromise the country’s autonomy." Liel Leibovitz, editor-at-large for Tablet Magazine, joins Tucker.

Uncensored: Imprisoned by Zelensky

Gonzalo Lira is an American citizen who’s been tortured in a Ukrainian prison since July, for the crime of criticizing Zelensky. Biden officials approve of this, because they’d like to apply the same standard here. The media agree. Here’s a statement from Gonzalo Lira’s father.

Uncensored: More Money for Ukraine

How could Washington possibly send tens of billions more to sleazy oligarchs in Ukraine now that the whole enterprise has been revealed as a fruitless, corrupt and incredibly destructive disaster? Because that’s what they always do. Rep Thomas Massie talks to Tucker.

Uncensored: "Apocalypse Never"

Another half-demented 80-year-old yelling about things he doesn’t understand. These are our leaders. They don’t care about our future because they don’t have one of their own.

Uncensored: The UFO Question

For more than 80 years, the US government has hidden the existence of UFOs. The question is why. The answer is ominous. Tucker talks to Rep Tim Burchett.

Uncensored: Dublin in Flames

What’s happening in Ireland will happen here, at scale. Steve Bannon explains.

Uncensored:  Glenn Greenwald

The two defining tragedies of our time — the war in Ukraine and the presidency of Joe Biden — are both finally coming to an end.

Uncensored: Nigel Farage

Start another war, send millions more anti-Western refugees to the West. Starting to notice a pattern?

Uncensored: Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Of all of Biden’s crimes, backing the Ukrainian government as it throws priests in jail may be the most revealing. Tucker talks to Bob Amsterdam, lawyer for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Uncensored: Avoiding WW3

Col Doug Macgregor on the threat of war with Iran. Are we ready for this?

Uncensored: The George Floyd Story

You’ll be shocked to learn this, but it turns out the whole George Floyd story was a lie. Tucker talks to Vince Everett Ellison.

Uncensored: Border Surge

What's happening at the southern border isn’t just an invasion, but a crime. The politicians and NGOs responsible for it are criminals, who should be punished accordingly.

Uncensored: The Hamas Attacks

"Finish them"

Uncensored: The Trump Indictments

These aren't legal proceedings. They are a grotesque parody of the system our ancestors created. Victor Davis Hanson explains.

Uncensored: Rachel Levine

Rick from Boston is telling us he wants to be known as female Admiral Rachel Levine. Accept his lie or pay the consequences, bigot.

Uncensored: Irony Alert

Zelensky is fighting for democracy by suspending elections.

Uncensored: The Bobby Kennedy Commentary

Never has a candidate been more hated. A Tucker commentary.

Uncensored: The Biden Bank Records

As in most of the developing world, it's safer to be the president's son than his opponent.

Uncensored: Wannabe Dictator

If the banner on Fox was false, why the hysteria?

Uncensored: The Trump Arraignment

America's principles are at stake. A Tucker commentary.

Uncensored: Episode Two

Cling to your taboos! A Tucker commentary.

Uncensored: Episode One

Secrecy is a powerful tool of control: how a small group of people maintain access to all relevant information while the rest of us are kept in the dark.


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