Erik Prince: CIA Corruption, Killer Drones, and Government Surveillance

Erik Prince: CIA Corruption, Killer Drones, and Government SurveillanceThe Tucker Carlson Show

The Tucker Carlson ShowPublished 27 days ago118 mins

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Erik Prince is an entrepreneur, former Navy SEAL and founder of Blackwater Worldwide, a private military corporation. His latest project is Unplugged, a phone, messaging application and VPN that is privacy focused and won’t collect or share customer data. Visit to learn more about our paid partnership with Unplugged.


Erik Prince on The Liz Cheney Wing of Congress

The Main Villains of The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Where does the Money We Send to Ukraine Really Go?

Why are the Climate Change Zombies Defacing Paintings in Museums, not Protesting Data Centers?

Your iPhone does not Shut Off

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