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Uncensored: The Farmer Protests Tucker Carlson Uncensored

Uncensored Published Jan 10, 20249 mins

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The biggest protests in modern German history. What’s happening? Eva Vlaardingerbroek is there.

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No Farmers, No Food


Ruled By People Who Hate Them


Uncensored: Senator JD Vance & The Ukraine Money Pit
Team Tucker

When US senators get together in private, do any of them ever admit that sending half a trillion dollars to Ukrainian oligarchs is a bad idea? As it turns out, no they don’t. JD Vance explains.

We're in Moscow to Interview Vladimir Putin
Uncensored: Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Of all of Biden’s crimes, backing the Ukrainian government as it throws priests in jail may be the most revealing. Tucker talks to Bob Amsterdam, lawyer for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


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