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Uncensored: The War on Children Tucker Carlson Uncensored

Uncensored Published Mar 21, 202415 mins

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In a civilized country, you’d be punished mercilessly for getting creepy with someone else’s kids. In our country, it qualifies you for a job at the White House. How and why did this happen? Robby Starbuck explains.


Uncensored: What's Obama Up To?
Team Tucker

What's Barack Obama up to these days? Working to make people hate each other, as usual.

The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Russell Brand

Governments colluded to shut down and destroy Russell Brand. This is his first interview since that happened. Watch it when you get a minute. It’s one of the most brilliant explanations of the modern world you’ll ever hear.

TC Shorts: The Invasion
Team Tucker

Tucker and his team investigate how America's cities have been destroyed by the immigration crisis.


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