Uncensored: The National Security State & the Inversion of Democracy Tucker Carlson Uncensored

Uncensored Published Feb 16, 202464 mins

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The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. "What I’m describing is military rule," says Mike Benz. "It’s the inversion of democracy."

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From internet freedom to internet censorship


Social media eclipses the legacy media


The Global Engagement Center


The 2020 election and Covid pandemic


The impeachment of Donald Trump


Intel agencies work with the mainstream media


Elon Musk and X


Uncensored: Chaos in Haiti
Team Tucker

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have in effect been running domestic politics in Haiti for the past few years. The result is chaos and cannibalism. Pretty soon a big portion of the Haitian population will be living in Florida. Haiti’s former prime minister explains.

The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Russell Brand

Governments colluded to shut down and destroy Russell Brand. This is his first interview since that happened. Watch it when you get a minute. It’s one of the most brilliant explanations of the modern world you’ll ever hear.

Liberating Canada: The Calgary Speech

Tucker's speech in Calgary, Canada. Plus discussions with Jordan Peterson and Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.


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