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Uncensored: The Vaccine Interview Tucker Carlson Uncensored

Uncensored Published Feb 23, 202443 mins

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How many people died from the COVID shot? Do vaccines actually cause autism? Steve Kirsch has looked at the data.

Timestamp Headline


What did the Covid vaccine do to America?


The most dangerous vax of all time?


Death toll


Are there connections between vaccines and autism?


How vax research has changed Steve's personal life


Uncensored: Border Surge

What's happening at the southern border isn’t just an invasion, but a crime. The politicians and NGOs responsible for it are criminals, who should be punished accordingly.

The Douglass Mackey Interview

The First Amendment is done. Douglass Mackey is about to go to prison for mocking Hillary Clinton on the internet. We talked to him right before his sentencing. Remember as you watch that this could be you.

Uncensored: Man vs Satan Tribute
Team Tucker

Video Details Episode Details Liberal mobs have torn down countless statues of Christians in this country. But topple a monument to Satan, and CNN will denounce you as dangerous. Read The Transcript Tucker [00:00:00] Earlier this month, a shrine to Satan appeared in the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, surprising an awful lot of people. Local Christian churches explained there's nothing they could do about it. This was religious freedom on display. But one man from the


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