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Uncensored: The Fed, Biden and Economic Chaos Tucker Carlson Uncensored

Uncensored Published Jan 2, 202426 mins

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Is the Fed lowering rates to get Joe Biden reelected, or is the truth actually much scarier than that? Jeffrey Gundlach explains.

Timestamp Headline


Jay Powell’s pivot on interest rates


Things are changing and not for the better


Potential for a recession


Illegal immigration’s effect on the economy


The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Tony Robbins

A spirit of sadness has descended on the country. You see it everywhere. That’s not surprising, says Tony Robbins, and it’s not forever.

The Dubai Speech

Tucker's first discussion since the Vladimir Putin interview.

Uncensored: The Julian Assange Extradition Hearing

As they lecture us endlessly about human rights in other countries, the Biden administration is trying to kill journalist Julian Assange for the crime of embarrassing the CIA. His wife Stella joins us from his extradition hearing.


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